Customer Comments

033/22/16 Ronald Poullard   "When I need a good vacation with my family, I call Network 2 Travel. Stacey Berry is awesome." 

02/26/16 Linda Berry   "Stacey Berry was very helpful in planning a cruise for me and my family." 

06/10/16 Dawn Billebach  " I surprised my kids with the perfect vacation, thanks to the help of Stacey Berry. I can't wait to do it again next year."  

07/13/16 Heidi Goodeaux   "We had the best time. And to top it off, we got to swim with the dolphins. Thank you." 

08/11/16 Triston Elliott  "I've been to many places outside the United States, but the recommendation I received for my honeymoon was by far the best. Thank you, Stacey Berry. You made my bride happy."7/28

25/16 Gail Huber  "It was our first cruise but defintely not our last!"

03/07/15 Jane Hook   "Very helpful staff Come back quickly with costs and ideas." 

03/03/15 Frank Toczek   "Stacey was outstanding." 

03/02/15 Donna Conner   "It was so easy to found out how much a cruise was.They gave you so many choices of different cruise ships for the same places." 

02/25/15 Linda Dearborn  " stacey Berry went out of her way to help me." 

02/22/15 Atul Mudgil   "Very user friendly portal to plan a vacation. Extremely proactive service. Kudos to the team."  

02/21/15 Johnna Jacobs   "Excellent service"  

02/17/15 Brian Hearon   " I was working with Stacey Berry and she was fantastic. Her knowledge of the ship and friendliness was so awesome. The trip I was looking at fell through due to a party not knowing their financial situation. I am already looking at another cruise but will verify that those who can't afford to go don't ruin my plans again." 

02/04/15 Anthony Poingdestre   "Although i have not cruised with you i find you are a very prompt and certious company. A. Poingdestre" 

12/27/14 Melissa Vanderbilt-bestor   "Stacy Berry was amazing, she really cared and made the process very pleasant!!" 

12/23/14 Tina Hunter   "Stacey, was quick to respond to any inquires I had about my cruise, pleasant, positive - all around good experience - great customer service!!!!" 

11/27/14 Paul Weigand   "Excellent conversation and service. Very patient and helpful." 

11/23/14 Thomas Bathurst   "absolutely perfect customer service, price matching and usually returning emails in the course of a few minutes. Way better than previous agent i used for 15 cruises." 

11/06/14 Brian Litchfield   "You are too remote from Australia. Many thanks on handling my enquiry. At the age of 82, I do not intend to go on any future cruises." 

11/05/14 Tom O'Kane   "great agent ,best online and follow up service" 

10/12/14 Kenneth Young   "Stacey Berry has been awesome. She listened to our needs - she was prompt - and thorough! Great cruise expertise." 

09/30/14 Daniel Derby   "fast and accurate! handled it all"  

09/27/14 James Garrett   "Stacey was excellent and very kind and patient!" 

09/21/14 Don Muhleman   "I recently inquired about a cruise and received a fast response, but due to certain circumstances on my end was not able to complete the booking thru XXX Travel. No matter, was wished a safe trip and hoped that in the future they would be able to help in planning my next vacation. Thank You." 

09/19/14 Sue Thomson  " E-mails back very quickly service excellent Stacey was a dream helped us so much ..even although we couldnt book at this time ..we will be in touch when we are able Thanks S Thomson" 

08/11/14 Rebecca Karcie   "Stacey was a pleasure to work with and took the time to answer all my questions. Stacey give us the best bang for our buck!" 

07/14/14 Barbara Stern   "she went beyond" 

06/13/14 David Osterick   "Tracey was very patient with me and all my limitations. Although getting my cruise was much more expensive than I would nave liked to have spent, she was very understanding throughout."

 05/27/14 Julie Howells   "The first time I started looking for a cruise, the planner gave me 1 option only and as there are 3 couples involved, we couldnt agree. The second planner told me that she was unable to help as we are overseas travellers." 

04/13/14 Jane Hook   "Instant contact kind messages." 

11/04/13 Joel Guindon   "I would have given a '10' but there were some problems in sending pdf files to me: the emails never made it to my mailbox, but the PVP kept me informed throughout the whole process."